2 maart 2017

We don’t do many English interviews, but here we are again. This time with no one less than the Swiss DJ duo Adriatique. They’ll be playing an extended set this Saturday at Klank in Ampere in our lovely A-town. The perfect opportunity for us to get in touch and ask them a few questions.

The last time you were in Antwerp, Ampere had only opened for a few months and by now the venue has built quite a reputation in the Belgian scene… We’re wondering; how familiar are you with the Belgian clubs and artists? And did you have time to discover Antwerp the last time you visited?

Adrian Shala & Adrian Schweizer: We’re always following the club scene in Belgium and so we are aware of Ampere since the beginning.

Playing in Antwerp and Brussels was always fun, not only for us but for other DJ’s too, so it’s no surprise that Ampere got this good of a reputation. We’ve been exploring Antwerp quite a bit when we were here, it’s a wonderful city and we’re looking forward to see even more of the city.

You guys are very productive and spent a lot of time touring, do you still hang out a lot in Zurich?

Actually, this weekend will be the first we are touring again since mid January. We’ve spent much time in Zurich lately, because we moved into a new studio.

Moving all the equipment took some time to be honest. Our touring break was basically to make our new home comfortable. Our old place was outside of Zurich and the new one is located near the city-center, so it’s easier for us to spend more time in Zurich and in the studio.

For people that are interested in visiting the land of chocolate and watches – which clubs did you grow up in and would you recommend spending one or a few nights?

We both didn’t grow up in Zurich, but spent a lot of time there. We went to the Dachkantine a lot. Kaufleuten and Supermarket are clubs which did much for the club scene in Zurich as well. Later it was Cabaret and Zukunft. There are a lot of new places now to recommend.

You definitely have to check out the new Nordstern in Basel too, which is now located on a huge boat with perfect acoustics. In general, Switzerland has a very diverse landscape of clubs even though it’s such a small country. There are also great events in the mountains like Modernity or Polaris.

You recently launched your very own label Siamese – how did that come around?

The name and the basic idea were there for quite some time now. We just wanted to be sure that it’s the right place at the right time to finally come out with it.

In which way is Siamese a representation of you as a duo?

If you look closer to the name and the looks you might recognize it could have something to do with us. Siamese is a representation of our ideas and the way we live and work.

It’s a playground not only for us but also for the people involved in it to express themselves without any compromises or restrictions.

Did you feel you needed to start this label to be able to produce or grow with less restrictions?

No, I wouldn’t say that. We didn’t feel to have lots of restrictions. The reason behind it is more about giving others a platform to work as freely as we do.

What else have you got planned with the label?

It is first and foremost a music label, which will focus on other stuff too. Our artworks for example are physically made, which means every record will receive the exclusive attention from us and the people we work with. The artistic aspect is very important to us.

We will do a few special events. The first one will be at the Nordstern in Basel, the week after Ampere. Our guest will be Sebastian Mullaert with his unique live set. There will be a few more dates later this year…

Are there any particular things that you intend to make those nights really stand out from a regular clubnight?

In Basel we are also gonna work with Projektil from Zurich for special visuals, 3D mapping and live animation. This is a way to combine forward thinking music and technology  with organic movements.

We’re glad that we can work with Projektil there. We also plan a few little exhibitions with the artworks we are doing. The mixture between music, technology, live animation and art should give a certain feel to it.

You are also part of the label Diynamic for quite some time and it has grown into something tremendous, with sold out 10Y Diynamic parties all over the world. Did you see your own style change over the years?

We have been part of it since 5 years and we did change a lot during these years. I would say it was a pretty natural development. We were DJing for quite some time before joining DIY. When it comes to the production part, we had just started back then.

So the last 6-7 years were all about finding ourselves in terms of everything. Not only musically speaking, but also when it comes to life in general. That was and still is very interesting and exciting. This way we can see we got more mature, musically and personally.

You have also been working on your first full album. What can we expect from it? And any ideas on when we might expect it?

Yes we do and it will take some time to really finish it. We started a while ago, but we are not in a hurry and also don’t want to rush things. It is a big project for us we we wanna be sure with it. It is too early to talk about a time frame.

On the Patterns of Eternity EP on Siamese, you take your time to build up the tracks, much more than with your previous work. Can we expect more of this tension building on the new album?

In general yes. That’s also part of evolving I guess. Feeling comfortable with what you do while not focusing to much on a certain outcome. As we had a lot of other things to organize we took a little break from making music, I mean we kind of had too. Now almost everything is set up again and ready.

Thank you Adrian and Adrian! We’re looking forward to do some midnight walking with KLANK this weekend. Let’s make it an epic journey!


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